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This is the Hyperslice Group's service status page which includes eUKhost, and Webhosting UK, here you can get updates on the current state of our platforms, if there are problems with our service or scheduled maintenance planned, they will be posted here.

Past Incidents

22nd January 2021

No incidents reported

21st January 2021

Domains SSL revocations

GlobalSign have recently revoked a number of intermediate certificates which has caused SSL validation errors within some browsers, in particular Chrome.

This issue affects our "Domain SSL" product, all other certificates are unaffected.

We are currently working to re-issue all the affected certificates.

If you are experiencing problems with your certificate, please contact our team by support ticket.

20th January 2021

No incidents reported

19th January 2021

Server WK-WINVPS-006 Outage

Update "Data has been recovered where possible and recovery is underway. If you haven't done so, then please contact support who will look at scheduling recovery of your server"

Update The Engineering team have been able to get to the data of the failed server and are now in the process of attempting to copy this data off from this host..

Update The Engineering team have identified a severe hardware failure on WK-WINVPS-006 and are working tirelessly to try see if we can recover any data from this host.

Update – Our engineers are still investigating the outage that customers could be experiencing. We will continue to update you as and when further information has been provided.

Our engineering team are investigating an issue with the WK-WINVPS-006 on the VPS platform.

We understand that you could be experiencing connectivity issues at this moment in time. However, we are working to locate and fix the problem immediately. We will endeavor to update customers as we gather further information of the incident and a possible fixes.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by opening a support ticket on your account.

18th January 2021

No incidents reported

17th January 2021

No incidents reported

16th January 2021

No incidents reported